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Jasmine Johnson


Jasmine Johnson,MBA is a corporate Marketing Director, and former Florida Educator teaching Tv Production and Journalism Educator, inspiring young minds to explore the film and multimedia industry in fun and unique ways. She is also the brain behind It’s Jasmine J., a multi-service photography and consulting agency. Her platform, #empowHER is dedicated to showing women just how strong they are, and then giving them the tools to create positive changes to achieve their goals. For Jasmine, that starts with education. Did you know that 1 in 5 women will struggle with mental health? The same amount of women who have become survivors of sexual assault. Through coaching women, leading vision board parties, and connecting, with people all over the world through her online community, she has not only been able to educate others on the 1 in 5 statistic, but share her story on becoming a sexual assault survivor, open the floor for genuine conversations, and create a place for women to become the heroes of their own journey.

Her diverse background in the arts as a former profession dancer, regional dance coach, and dance studio owner, leadership, and healthcare has taken her from internships with leading organizations in the industry such as Florida Hospital to courtside with the Orlando Magic Dancers with her creative mindset and ambitious spirit. Jasmine now shares her her passion for fitness as a certified Nutritional Specialist and Personal Trainer. A mental health and professional development advocate, Jasmine coaches her clients on the mind-body connection sharing how to overcome the statistics of stress and anxiety by staying active and developing healthy habits as it has also been shown to improve improve mental state, build confidence, and increase overall physical health. 

She is a 2018 cum laude graduate from Webber International University with a Master's degree in Business and a concentration in marketing, and with High Honors from The University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science double majoring in Health Services Administration and Health sciences. She also holds an Associates of Science in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. She attributes much of her success to her ability to remain persistent and courageous. Her motto? “no one can count you out without your consent.” Her mission as she serves throughout our beautiful state of Florida and along her travels, is to continue growing her platform #empoWHER on a national level. Jasmine states “It's not just the women who make their vision known that need support, it's also the ones who need in silence.” Her mission is to continue showing women how to find their voice, creating a safe place to tell their story, and showing them how to put the "be you" in beautiful while educating everyone about the 1 in 5 statistic. 

Photo: Moda Chic Photography

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