As a pre-med graduate of the University of Tampa, Deanna has been privileged to called Florida her home since 2001. She met her wonderfully supportive and hysterical husband of 12 years, Michael, in 2006, and they’ve resided in St. Petersburg ever since. They have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, Parker (10) and their twins Annabelle and Sawyer (7.) They are an active family, from football games to dance competitions, guitar lessons to serving their community as local business owners, they enjoy spending as much time as they can together, as these years seem to by flying by!

By day, you can find Deanna wearing minimal makeup, scrubs, and donut Crocs as a member of her VA's vascular surgery team. By night, when she is not wearing her wife or "mom taxi" crown, you can find her enjoying Peloton workouts, working her beauty business, crafting with her Cricut, snuggling her Great Dane- Mr. Apollo Wayne, and bedazzling anything she can get her hands on! 

Pageantry has been a significant part of Deanna’s life for the past 20 years, but her passion doesn't lie in the glitz and glam (though she DOES enjoy that part!) With a servant driven heart, giving back to her community is always what brings her the greatest joy. As USOA Mrs. Florida , her focus is on bringing mental health advocacy to our nations veterans. After a personal battle with PPD/PPA along with the birth of her twins in 2013, Deanna learned what it was like to face demons like depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts. With the help of her medical team, group support, and her loving family and friends, she was able to walk through that darkness and find the light again, but many who face these demons do not. As a member of our VA healthcare team, she has come to understand that our veteran population is one of the leading in facing a mental health crisis, and many of them do it alone. Statistics tell us that 22 veterans a day die by suicide, many without reaching out for the help and support they desperately need and deserve. Deanna believes that as a country, we MUST do better for those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms. For that reason , it is her pleasure to serve as a “Mission 22“ state ambassador, and she is looking forward to working with this organization, as well as other local, state, and national organizations to bring awareness, advocacy, support, and resources to the men and women who have served our country. It is our duty to ensure that those who have sacrificed everything for the rights that we have today, are provided with the physical AND mental health tools that they need to heal from their service. They were selflessly called to serve, and now it is our turn to serve them.