Coming to mainland United States from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico at the age of six, Juliandra has been proud to call Florida her home since. Living on both coasts of the state and traveling with her sisters to new destinations in Florida she can confidently say that this state is unlike any other! Juliandra has known she wanted to compete in pageants from the young age of three when she watched an international pageant for the first time with her family and declared that she would one day grace that stage. For many years just the thought of competing for a state title was daunting and unobtainable, which makes having the title of United States of America’s Miss Florida 2022 all the more special to her. When Juliandra isn’t traveling within her state, she likes to take flights throughout the United States to experience the different cities in our great country. 


Being a first-generation student has been no easy feat. As a STEM major working her way through college, Juliandra has and continues to face many challenges. She is a strong believer in hard work and knows that one day this will all be worthwhile. She hopes to set a path for other girls and women like her who had to enter school later and couldn’t navigate the education system as gracefully as their peers. There is no such thing as impossible, and you are never too late for higher education. When she has free time, Juliandra is either found volunteering or working on her small business. She also loves to create content for her makeup page, as she has been a certified professional makeup artist since the age of fifteen and loves to put her creativity to work!


Volunteering and fostering a platform is so incredibly important to Juliandra. Her platform is called “Everybody Eats” and deals with food insecurity in the state of Florida. She dealt with food insecurity in her early life, and now that she is able to give back, she makes sure to do so in every way she can. When she isn’t organizing food drives and helping out at the Adventist Community Services of Pantry of Cape Coral, you can find her at Community Cooperative’s soup kitchen, market, or community garden. She also cares deeply about the Earth and is passionate about climate change awareness. Because of this she created Waste Free Universe, her small business dedicated to “upcycling” discarded fabric. Waste Free Universe is a way to put her passion for fashion and the planet into one project! She is excited for this year along her wonderful sister queens and the Florida team, and hopes to leave a mark in her own way.